Welcome to Corazon, Chris Franklin

We are delighted to welcome Chris Franklin to the band as our new keyboards player.

With long experience as a touring and studio musician, Chris brings to Corazon an impressive combination of energy, professionalism and great musical talent. He also shares our love and affinity for Santana’s music. The moment we heard him rip into a Greg Rolie style organ solo, we knew we had found our keyboards player.

Chris is also a talented composer, arranger and music producer. Those skills and attention to detail are already proving useful as we hone our set in readiness for a return to live performing.

We want to take the opportunity to thank Chris’ predecessor, Jeff Rae. A fine musician, Jeff was an important part of the Corazon family. When he decided to leave, he left a big pair of shoes to fill. Thanks Jeff – and best wishes for your future endeavours.

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